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Aromatherapy is the practice of using various essential oils to maintain a healthy body and well being. Chamomile is an herb which mainly grows in Hungary. It is a natural choice for all internal and external infections. Chamomile oil is widely used in aromatherapy because of the numerous benefits that this oil has. It has got sedative and relaxing benefits and smells of straw and fruity apple. It is derived through steam distillation of flower. The following are some of the benefits of chamomile essential oil.

It helps to calm the mind and eases anger, anxiety, fear, tension and worries during the times of emotional stress. It also helps to being patience and peace and improves the overall feeling of relaxation and calm. The chamomile herb is taken in the form of tea and it helps in treating sleep disorder.

Chamomile oil is also used in massage or bath. You just need to add 10 drops of oil in warm water. Make sure you dilute it with any carrier oil. It is used as an excellent household disinfectant. Diffused fragrant chamomile oil is used along with a crystal diffuser to ease the nervous tension and headaches. Chamomile oil is also safe for pregnant women and kids also and is a must in every home.

Chamomile essential oil also provides you with nervine action, and heals to relives pain assumed with nerves such as headaches, earache, toothache etc. It is also gentle to menstrual cramps as well as pains. It is also a perfect remedy for gastrointestinal problems. Also, it has a mild effect on children facing earache and teething problems. Chamomile is used to treat a plenty of skin problems including calming or skin and is useful against inflamed wounds, boils, eczema, rashes, wounds and other skin problems.

Aromatherapy requires several types of chamomile. Some of the familiar ones include, daisy-like flowers, you will come across loss of ointments and creams which contains chamomile scents, tea flavor or even extracts. For this reason Chamomile is also called as folk medicine. Chamomile tea is also an answer to many remedies including colic, diseases of children, cystitis etc. It is complementary to the treatment with essential oil.

Like other oils, the usage of this oil should be checked too. You should not use this essential oil for a period exceeding three weeks. You should consult your doctor first, as you should not be having any allergies. Some types of chamomile oil should be avoiding during the pregnancy stage or during onset of menstruation. All in all, chamomile oil is great oil having some superb characteristic.

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